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Cluj County department for youth and sports (D.J.T.S) is organized according to government decision # 776/2010 and it has legal authority to function independently as public service of the National Authority for Youth and Sport.

DJTS took over the staff, activity, assets and budget from the Cluj County Department for sport and also the Cluj County department for youth. Both departments dissolved as stipulated in article 5 of government decision # 15/2010 regarding measures for the reorganization of sport and youth activities.

DJTS Cluj insures that the Government strategies and policies for sport and youth are implemented at the Cluj County level by achieving the following specific duties:

  • Ensures the implementation at the county level of all strategies and programs of the National Authority for sport and youth.
  • Uses existing youth recreational centres in order to perform recreational and athletic activities, tourism or youth camps.
  • Tracks the implementation and controls the enforcement of all regulationsfor youth and sport.
  • Cooperates with the other decentralized institutions, specialized departments of the national public administration, local public administration or other public institutions including private or public companies either Romanian or foreign.
  • Organizes and develops activities with and for youth such as: cultural, artistic, fun or educational activities, international or domestic travel, sports and entertainment events for youth either in camps or recreational centres.
  • Establishes its own annualized schedule for sports and youth activities as well as various partnership schedules and submits for approval to the National Authority for youth and sport.
  • Works in cooperation with local public administration authorities in order to develop the infrastructure for recreational centres based on funds assigned by the National Authority for youth and sport as well as funds received from other sources. It also looks to upgrade and increase efficiency for all youth and sport services.
  • Provides specialized support to local public institutions for the development of programs and projects with and for the youth.
  • Cooperates and develops partnerships with companies or individuals in order to achieve its objectives .
  • Provides information and advice in sports and youth areas.
  • Organizes, participates, monitors and evaluates youth and sports activities.
  • Organizes the database for nongovernmental companies involved in youth activities in the county.
  • Organizes thematic camps, entertaining activities, seminars, courses to provide an informal education for youth and students.
  • Organizes and implements social programs to helps disadvantaged youth and children.
  • Sends recommendations to the National Authority for Sports and Youth whether to dissolve or create new centres in its jurisdiction for the purpose of carrying its activities.
  • Finances special programs for athletes, departments or teams in its administrative jurisdiction.

DJTS Cluj also completes responsibilities as outlined in article 20, paragraph 1 of the Law for athletic education and sports #69/2000, including subsequent amendments as well as other duties included in regulations approved by the National Authority for sports and youth and scope specific procedures.